IDF Targets Multiple Locations In Gaza As Ceasefire Breaks Down


The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced on Tuesday night that Israeli warplanes and aircraft attacked a number of terrorist targets at a military compound belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

The attack was carried out in retaliation for the launching of a rocket from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, the firing of explosive balloons and the torching of the camouflaged netting of a military post on Tuesday.

“The Hamas terrorist organization bears responsibility for everything happening in and out of the Gaza Strip.”

“The IDF is determined to carry out the task of protecting the citizens of Israel and is prepared for various scenarios and to intensify its activities as necessary,” said the IDF Spokesperson’s statement.


  1. I have two comments to make number one what ceasefire are you talking about it was no cease-fire number two it’s a shame elections aren’t more often then the government would feel compelled destroy Hamas for fear of what would happen to their power if they ignore the attacks

  2. Multiple locations? As if it’s the locations that are causing terrorism? Has Israel no leadership? Israel must become the 51st American State so that President Trump will be able to control it.

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