IDF Strikes Gaza Targets After Rocket Fire Hits Home In Beersheba, Hamas Evacuates Their Headquarters


Israeli jets launched air raids on “terror targets” in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday after two rockets were fired from the Palestinian enclave into Israeli territory.

One rocket landed in the courtyard of a private home in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba, causing serious damage but no injuries. A second launch was identified from Gaza towards the Mediterranean Sea at the same time, the IDF said, with Army Radio reporting that the rocket landed in the waters off the coast of a major metropolitan area in the center of the country

It was unclear who fired the rockets but the Israeli army holds Hamas accountable for all rocket fire from the territory and commonly retaliates against its positions, regardless of who launched the weapons.

Eight people were wounded in Israeli air strikes throughout the Gaza Strip, Palestinian media reports say. Hamas, meanwhile, has reportedly evacuated its military headquarters and public institutions.

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