IDF Strikes Back At Gaza


The Israeli air force bombed targets in Gaza today.

The air strike was in response to a rocket attack in southern Israel tonight which came from across the Gaza border.

Gaza is currently undergoing an internal crisis with PA President Abbas cutting off most of the electricity in the region.



  1. What does IDF bombing “targets” mean? An empty piece of desert with an outhouse?! Nothing that really damages the islamonazis, just to provide an excuse to the Israeli voters.

    • IDF’s “goal” is to hit empty fields and empty building. Woe to them if they actually kill a terrorist. The IDF is quite an embarrassment. The gov’t of Israel is as weak as they come. Israelis are living on miracles every moment of the day thanks to the erliche yidden. If not for Hashem watching over His children and guarding them, Israel would be long gone.

    • I’ll take you seriously when you apply the same to money. Would you just passively wait for the money to fall down into your pocket, or will you do all possible hishtadlus – whether you work, receive welfare, or shnor. Why fake bitochon when it comes to defending Jewish lives? Is it because you care about money and don’t care about Jewish lives, or is it an extreme form of Stockholm syndrome?

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