IDF Soldier Sent To Detention For Cooking On Shabbos After Cat Ate His Meal


idfAn IDF  combat soldier from the Nachshon battalion was sentenced to 20 days in detention, after he found out a stray cat “tasted” his Shabbos meal and decided to cook a new meal, reports Ynet, despite IDF’s strict orders that forbid cooking on Shabbos

Last Shabbos, the soldier and his friends, who serve with the Kfir division, entered the base’s dining room and intended to eat from a pot of cholent. However, before they managed to dig in, the soldiers were surprised to discover that a cat ate out of the pot. The soldier, who refused to eat from the tainted pot, offered instead to make a light meal for him and his friends.

During the meal preparations, one of the kitchen’s staff arrived and instructed the soldier to stop cooking immediately, as per the rules of the IDF, which forbids cooking on Shabbos and violating hilchos Shabbos.

Details of the incident were handed over to the battalion commander, who decided to put the soldier on trial and sentenced him to 20 days in detention for violating IDF orders.

“There are clear orders about observing the Shabbat, and even if the food was inedible, there are other options to get food without desecrating the Sabbath,” said IDF sources.

The soldier’s battalion friends, who expressed discontent with the harsh punishment, claimed the soldier “did not mean to disrespect anyone; he only wanted to make a meal – a symbolic punishment would have been sufficient.”

The IDF’s Spokesperson’s office said in response: “This is a case of a soldier which was sentenced to detention due to disorderly conduct and violation of IDF rules. The soldier has been known to have disciplinary problems in the past.”

 {Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. this post has been up for several hours and no one said anything?!?!?
    where are all the anti army people crying wolf?
    the mouth that knows how to spew hate and macklokes should learn to give praise, when praise is due.
    The army isn’t as bad as “you”….tipshim think

  2. I don’t think there is a “rule” that forbids IDF soldiers from cooking on Shabbos, they can do whatever they want since they’re not at “Nachal Chareidi”.

  3. there are ten thousand michallel Shabbos activities by the IDF, including the systenatic never-ending vilification of Yiddishkeit. Look at their sorry heros…

    #1 Save your smugness for people as stupid as you are. Note the IDF is mad at him for violating IDF policies. As if the Abeishter chas v’sholom lehavdil needs their stamp of approval. They should have said Hashem said it’s forbidden to violate Shabbos and leave it at that. Oh, but only Jews could say that, Israelis can’t bring themselves to.


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