IDF Soldier Jailed For Not Shaving During Sefirah


A non-religious combat soldier in the IDF was sentenced to 20 days imprisonment for refusing to shave during Sefiras Ha’omer. The Army explained that permission to grow beards during this period only applies to soldiers who maintain a religious lifestyle.

The soldier’s brother complained that his brother was continuing his father’s minhag of not shaving during the Omer and that army policy ignores a large traditional sector which does not observe all mitzvos strictly.

{ Israel}


  1. Draconian.

    There is mitzvah to serve in the IDF. Why not let there be mitzvahs while in service by any jewish right to observe? Clearly Bibi is just wit himself too improper to know what a jew is today.

    It is horrendous.

    • The IDF is the ANTITHESIS of coming back to Judaism. Why do you think only chareidim are forced to join while at least 50% secular may dodge the draft without a penalty? Because they don’t need the secular, they have no purpose for them.

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