IDF Slams Soldiers for Using Weapons as Purim Graggers


idf1Some IDF soldiers are in hot water for using their weapons as “noisemakers” during the reading of the Megillah on Purim. A video shown on Channel Ten last week got the attention of IDF commanders, who threw the book at the soldiers, members of an officers’ course – and sentenced them to 31 days in the brig.

The incident occurred last Sunday, as soldiers listened to the Megillah being read on their base. The video, filmed on a cellphone, shows the soldiers pulling the trigger, firing into the air in the direction of an empty field. Observing the goings-on were the soldiers’ commanders.

For IDF brass, the video was embarrassing – and judgment was quick to come. The commander was sentenced to 31 days in army jail for allowing the incident to go on, and two of the candidates were thrown out of the course. Other soldiers involved received lesser punishments.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. That is really a shame to see the soldiers abuse their power of being armed to make a “saintly” song against the horrors of genocide based on Hamens name. It is scary to think that we as a culture could even go to this length to express our own vindication, but as usual, there is fortune versus corruption in all stages of human evolution. So this is a new chapter in the disavowment of human suffering. Never Again.

  2. #1: Your words – to the extent that your strained attempt at prose allow understanding – border on kefirah.

  3. Arab rashaim are well known for firing weapons in the air in celebrations; the IDF is absolutely right in trying to prevent such a practice among Jews!


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