IDF Rescues Rabbi Shalom Ber Wolpo from Arab Village


arab-villageRabbi Shalom Ber Wolpo, chairman of the ‘Eretz Ysroel Shelanu’ movement, got stranded last night in the heart of the Arab village of Ahwara, in Shechem, just as the IDF were securing the hundreds of mispalelim who came to pray at Kever Yosef in Shechem.The reason for his getting stranded was a puncture in one of his car’s tires.

Rabbi Wolpe called the IDF for help, and they came streaming in droves to the Arab village.

All entrances and exits to the village were blocked , as the IDF quickly rescued Rabbi Wolpe from the village.

Following the incidents, the IDF held up hundreds of Jews from entering Kever Yosef for about an hour.

The soldiers, some of them recognizing the rabbi, helped Rabbi Wolpo fix the flat.

“We are waiting for our prize,” joked one of them, referring to the prize-giving ceremonies for soldiers who refuse orders, organized by Rabbi Wolpo.

Interestingly, Rabbi Wolpo is a sharp critic of the IDF. In his bi-weekly Brochures “Eretz Yisroel Shelanu”, he doesn’t withhold criticism of the IDF when they don’t do their job properly.

{ Israel}



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