IDF Officer Killed By Friendly Fire Laid To Rest


funeral for 21-year-old IDF Captain Tal Nachman. Israel Defense Forces Captain Tal Nachman, who was killed in a friendly fire incident near Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip early Tuesday morning, was laid to rest later in the day at the Nes Ziona military cemetery. Hundreds attended the funeral.

Nachman’s father, Nesi, said Tuesday that a “21-year-old child’s life was lost for nothing.”

“I had a feeling that I would be getting terrible news I felt that something bad was coming and that’s exactly what happened,” Nesi Nachman said.

“We love you,” he told his late son. “We will never forget you.”

Nachman, an officer in the Field Intelligence Corps, was supposed to start a new position as a commander in a different unit, and Tuesday was to be his last day in his current unit. His training for his new role had been slated to begin on Thursday.


{ Israel News Bureau}


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