IDF Making it Harder for Bochurim to Get Exemptions

idf recruit giyus

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman is setting up new rules to make it harder for bochurim to get IDF exemption. Among other things, a bochur who leaves a yeshiva must find a new one within fourteen days; a bochur in a yeshiva high school or Hesder yeshiva may not move to a chareidi yeshiva; and if twenty percent of the bochurim in a yeshiva fail to appear at an induction center to receive exemption from the IDF the entire yeshiva will be disqualified and deemed unable to provide exemptions.

Director of the Authority for Civic Service Sar Shalom Jerbi said chareidim failed to meet the target of chareidi recruits for Civic Service for two consecutive years. Only 731 joined in the 2016 draft year, far short of the 1,800 target, and so far, only 457 chareidim have signed up for the draft of this year, making it unlikely that the year’s target of 2,000 recruits will be reached.

Jerbi said that chareidi opposition prevented the launching of a large recruitment campaign and that the stipend offered to recruits was not enough.

{ Israel News}


    • What a sinah for learning. People like you who support this outrageous law, are definitely holding up moshiach single handedly. There’s a special place in gehhenom for people like you, who celebrate when there’s a substantial threat to Torah learning. You should be ashamed.

    • Then get out of Israel. Why should the “G-dless” “Zionist” soldiers protect you from the Arabs?

      • Israel does not belong to the State. It belongs to the Jewish people.. when the army teaches soldiers that the Torah we keep today is not the same as the one we received on Har Sinai , it’s hard to say if they are the one protecting Israel.. In my eye, the only reason why the army is remotely successful it’s because of the merit of Torah learning and those who are keeping the Torah to it’s fullest!

      • The Zionist soldiers don’t care about Israel anymore and are following a suicidal Leftist philosophy.

        You are not clued into the latest positions of the anti Jewish and anti Israel attitude of the Leftist leaders of the army. They don’t believe that Israel will continue to exist and are pushing for giving large sections of disputed territory to the Arabs now with the sick and distorted idea that this will keep the peace for a little while. They have given up on Israel and want to force the Orthodox portion of the public to capitulate along with them. Following them would be like following lemmings to the sea.

    • Check this weeks copy of the FJJ page 8. You can see it online too here He discusses the seriousness of the situation and how we must take action to stop this now. There will be an asifa to protest this issue at the Barclays Center on June 11. Hope to see you there!

  1. Ruby, haredim were in Eretz Yisrael first and we aren’t leaving.If you hate religious Jews so much, live in Galus,where there are lots of places without a single religious Jew. At least when the Ottomans and British ruled Eretz Yisrael they didn’t force religious Jews into the army to secularism them

    • Um… that argument doesnt make sense. Secular and Religious jews. Both come from the ashkenaz “Chareidim” who settled eretz yisroel. In your mind some chaireidi who came in the 60s belongs more because the original Aliyahs were religious??

  2. Because Eretz Yisrael has nothing to do with Zionists happens to be now there are zionists but before them were the English and before were the Turks. We have Hakaras Hatov but our Yiddishkeit is before being influenced by those who wish to erase our real connection to this land.


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