IDF Launches Largest Attack On Hamas in Gaza Since 2014


The IDF carried out its largest airstrike campaign in Gaza since the 2014 war today, Shabbos Kodesh, as Hamas militants fired dozens of rockets into Israel throughout the day, threatening to trigger an all-out war after weeks of growing tensions along the volatile border, the AP reports.

Three Israelis were wounded from a rocket that landed on a residential home. Israel said it was focused on hitting terrorist targets and was warning Gaza civilians to keep their distance from certain sites.

“The Israeli army delivered its most painful strike against Hamas since the 2014 war and we will increase the strength of our attacks as much as necessary,” Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the latest Israeli attack struck some 40 Hamas targets including tunnels, logistical centers and a Hamas battalion headquarters. He said the escalation was the result of the sustained Hamas rocket attacks, its fomenting of violence along the border and its campaign of launching incendiary kites and balloons that have devastated Israeli farmlands and nature reserves.

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  1. I dont get it. If they know about these tunnels, why dont they blow them up right away? Why wait until there is rocket fire ?

    • Because the kofrim that control the leadership in the secular state of Israel are more interested in scoring PR points with the left-wing media than they are in protecting their citizens. If there are no attacks or attempted attacks, how will they be able to respond to questions from CNN?

      • Because Israel’s leaders controlling the country are the self-appointed-for-life-anti-Israel pro-Arab Supreme Court judges. NOBODY ELECTED AND NOBODY VOTED FOR THEM. They make up the laws and decide the political moves too. PM Bibi is only their puppet running around from country to country making believe he has a say. AS LONG AS THESE JUDGES ARE NOT REMOVED, HAMAS WILL CONTINUE THEIR FUN.

  2. I would think about financially supporting Israel again if they were to seichel up and use this opportunity to justly clear out Gaza and reclaim this part of our inherent land.

    • supporting Israel “again”? Their policy hasn’t changed since they grabbed a hold of the government. The Galut mentality to please the goyim continues and will not change until Mashiach comes, hopefully very soon.

  3. It’s amazing how weak the Israeli army is. Here they can’t beat an opponent who has no planes, no tanks and no ships. They had already two major wars and they lost over sixty soldiers israeli dead. In the six day war they beat five Arab countries and list 800 soldiers. The level of rebellion against Torah has increased. Now they support gay parades all over israeli cities. They pay millions in overtime to police to protect these evil Toeiva parades. In Jerusalem alone they payed police 3 million dollars in overtime last year in their yearly toeiva parade. The Arab enemy is flyers kites and the big israeli army with all its planes can’t stop it. Plus every day hundreds of trailers of food are sent into Gaza. What a joke. And the fat cat israeli politicians talk and warn the arabs how they will hit them big. Why do you think secular israeli parents are not sending their kids into the army. They got smart. Why get your kids killed because fat cat politicians make them fight with their hands tied behind their backs. So many are sending their kids to safety away from Israel before they hit 18. So the government wants to use chareidim to do their dirty work. Be politically correct and tip toe around with a gun you can’t use. I have heard incredible stories how soldiers end up in jail if they shoot or even point a gun at a terrorist who they feel threatened by. One rov in israel told me that ten thousand chareidim should go and sign up to the army in condition they can wipe out any enemy in their sight. They would disqualify them in a minute. I spoke to young israeli kahane followers. They don’t get drafted because the army don’t trust them with guns. If you had ten thousand chareidim with guns blast away at any moving object in sight in Gaza or West Bank there would be no draft of chareidim.

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