IDF Issues Demolition Order For Home Of Ofra, Givat Assaf Terror Suspect


Israel Defense Forces on Sunday notified Assem Barghouti’s family that their home would be demolished following the Ofra and Givat Assaf terror attacks that killed two IDF soldiers and a baby delivered prematurely in December.

Barghouti and his brother Saleh Omar Barghouti are accused of committing the two attacks carried out within the same week on bus-stops near Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The older Barghouti, 32-year-old Assem, was arrested by Israeli forces on January 8th following a massive manhunt throughout the West Bank. Saleh, who was 29-years-old, was shot dead by IDF forces on December 12 one day prior to the Givat Assaf attack in which Assem Barghouti is charged with killing two IDF soldiers, Staff Sergeant Yovel Moryosef and Sergeant Yosef Cohen.

The IDF said the assailant’s family was given until January 23rd to challenge the military’s decision to demolish the home in the village of Kobar, south of Shchem in the West Bank.

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