IDF: Iron Dome Intercepted 90% Of Rockets


iron-dome1The nine Iron Dome missile defense systems were in many respects the heroes of Operation Protective Edge, with the system intercepting over 90 percent over rockets fired at population centers in Israel.

The system, which marked 1,000 interceptions since its first implementation in April 2011, also intercepted 10 mortar shells fired at Israel, a feat it was not directly designed to achieve.

During the month of Operation Protective Edge, the system hit over 600 rockets fired at Israel, a 90 percent success rate. The system does not intercept every rocket fired at Israel, but only those aimed at population centers.

According to IAF data, of over 3,500 rockets fired at Israel, roughly 1,000 were mortars and over 60 were long range capable of hitting Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim.

“We saw persistent fire at Ben Gurion Airport and IAF bases,” the officer said, noting that for the first time “a Patriot missile intercepted two UAVs (one equipped with a camera).”

The officer also noted that the air force’s alert and alarm system boasted a 99 percent accuracy level.

{ Israel/Ynet}


  1. Over 3,000 rockets were fired at Israel. 600 were intercepted.
    Is that 90%?

    It’s obvious that our society’s education is sorely lacking!

  2. to number one the system does not go after the ones that will not hit cities if it will fall in open space they will not intercept so please before you comment be more educated about it
    to number three you still have to defend yourself king David says Yim Hashem Lo Yishmor Yir Shav Shakad Shomer you still need the Shomer as the Shaliach of Hashem

  3. #1: 90% of the incoming rockets targeted by Iron Dome were shot down. Most of the rockets fired by Hamas either landed in Gaza, killing Palestinians, or landed in open areas. None of those rockets were targeted by Iron Dome.

    Also, Iron Dome employs a shoot-shoot-look-shoot strategy: shoot two missiles at the target; if they don’t intercept, a third is fired. Almost all the interceptions only required two missiles.


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