IDF, IAA to Hold Major Drill Today at Ben Gurion Airport


ben-gurionJust days after a suspected Nigerian terrorist tried blowing up a Northwest Airlines flight on its way to Detroit, the IDF and Israel Airports Authority will hold a large-scale emergency exercise at Ben-Gurion International Airport today. During the exercise, which will include the IDF Home Front Command and the Israel Police, security forces will drill a number of threat scenarios. The exercise was scheduled to start at noon and will end at 10 p.m.

The IDF Spokesperson released a statement claiming that the drill was part of the military’s annual training regimen and was not connected to recent events. During the exercise, forces will deploy throughout the airport.

Israel has one of the most advanced airport security apparatuses and prepares for a wide-range of threats, from attempts by terrorists to smuggle a bomb aboard a plane to hijacking attempts. The Israel Air Force is also always on high alert in case a passenger plane is hijacked and crashed into an Israeli city.

{Associated Press/Yair Israel}


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