IDF: Hamas Commanders Now Homeless


iaf-airstrike-gazaSince the beginning of Operation Protective Edge three days ago, the IDF has hit 785 terror targets in Gaza – more than in the entire six days of 2012’s Operation Defensive Shield, according to Arutz Sheva.

In just the past 24 hours, the army said, 322 terror targets were destroyed, including 217 rocket-launching sites, as well as the homes of 46 Hamas commanders.

According to IDF sources, the homes of nearly all of Hamas’ senior field commanders have been destroyed, rendering them and their families homeless.

{ Israel}


  1. It seems that the Israeli government thinks that Israeli citizens are fools. With all the fire-power the Israeli army has built with a budget of Billions of Dollars, all they can boast about is that Hamas commanders are homeless? They’re still firing rockets and endangering the lives of Israeli civilians! How idiotic can a bunch of politicians and army brass be?
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  2. Don’t cave in to the inevitable pressure in the media let us not repeat the same mistake again and again ! just finish the job you will be vilified anyway why not be criticized and safer too.

  3. This is a joke, homes don’t shoot rockets, people/animals do!!!

    So they took out some EMPTY homes, there are many open homes for them. Not to mention the millions they have to buy more homes.

    Israel is acting stupid, I just hope they don’t send in troops, because they will restrict them and just put their lives in danger. Sending in troops with these conditions is evil!!

  4. Just turn off the water and power and that will end everything right away. and who cares what anyone says about it.


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