IDF Demolishes Home Of Palestinian Man Who Killed Two Jewish Soldiers


This morning, the Israeli Defense Forces demolished a home that belonged to Alaa Kabha, a Palestinian who rammed his car into two IDF soldiers earlier this year, killing them both.

Capt. Ziv Daus and Sgt. Netanel Kahalani were murdered on March 16 near Mevo Dontan.

Kabha had served time in for previous security-related crimes and was released in April 2017. Kabha initially said the officers were killed in a road accident, but confessed to having nationalistic motives during interrogation.

Footage from the scene showed Kabha driving past the soldiers, then making a U-turn and accelerating towards them.

Hamas praised the killing, saying “it proves the intifada is going on.”

The demolition of Kabha’s home was carried out by the Menashe Territorial Brigade, Israeli Border Police and officers from the Civil Administration. However, damage was only inflicted on his apartment; the rest of the building was left intact. JNS.ORG

{ Israel}


  1. Big deal.
    Every Arab terrorist who’s home gets destroyed gets compensated for a new home by the PLO organizations of course funded heavily by Europe. You need to expel all their families to Jordan. The Israeli secular government are cowards when it comes to Arab terrorists. Locking up jews for life is when they act big. An Arab can kill five Jews and get out of prison. A Jew can kill one Arab and sit for life.

  2. How feeble and pathetic, done just to fool the Israeli population into thinking that the medina does something. The terrorist’s family will build a newer and better house, since they still keep the land lot and are receiving a ton of European and American money. Why can’t the Israelis confiscate the house and the entire lot, plus all other assets such as cars and bank accounts – just as US cops do whith drug dealers. The judenrat medina would never do anything to actually stop the islamonazi terrorism.


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