IDF Chief of Staff Calls to Retake Gaza, Take on Iran


idf-benny-gantzIDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz was unusually candid today, declaring during a presentation to a high school in Gan Yavne that the IDF is fighting Israel’s enemies on all fronts.

“The Israeli Navy will be wherever we want them to be,” Gantz noted in the speech, which was quoted by Channel 10. “I have not even mentioned the dozens of classified activities the IDF carries out [to defend Israel], some of which happened over the last week and are happening as we speak.”

Gantz also discussed possible plans for the future of the IDF, and made clear that an armed conflict with Iran is not an impossibility. “We can talk about shorter and longer ranges” Gantz said, “like Iran [. . .] which is not out of the IDF’s range.” The Chief of Staff’s admission as such surfaces on the same day that one report claimed the IDF is actively preparing for a conflict with Iran in 2014.

The students asked the Chief of Staff whether it is possible to stop the rocket fire at Gan Yavne and other southern communities, following the barrage of rockets which hit Israel in the last week.

Gantz responded, “If we want to make sure that nothing will come from there, we need to retake Gaza […] it’s a problem we deal with every week.”

“The decision to ‘sleep on it’ is a strategic move,” he added. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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