IDF Center Would Desecrate Old City


The leading rabbonim of the Old City, Rav Avigdor Nebenzahl and Rav Eliyahu Medina, wrote a letter to Herzl Ben Ari, CEO of the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter, stating that they are “absolutely opposed” to the almost completed sale of the Merkaz Sapir building on Mishmeros Kehunah Street for thirty million shekels to the IDF Educational Corps. They argued that this “would cause chas veshalom the destruction of the character fitting for the Jewish Quarter with its residents, yeshiva students, and Jews from worldwide who come to imbue its atmosphere of Torah and sanctity.”

They also objected that moving the Educational Corps to the Old City would lead to an increase of soldiers’ visits to churches in the area and contribute a lack of tznius in the area.

“Similar attempts were made in the past but with heavenly help, were not implemented,” the two rabbonim wrote.

{ Israel News}



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