IDF Border Patrol Unit Catches Two Arab Terrorists On Their Way to Murder Jews


By Avi Abelow, Israel Unwired

Two Arab terrorists were caught on Sunday with a colorful kid’s knapsack filled with two homemade machine guns. They hoped the security personnel would not suspect their children’s bag. Thankfully, they were stopped before carrying out their terror plan.

Israeli Border Police caught the two Arab teenagers – ages 17 and 18 – from the city of Nablus after they managed to sneak several hundred feet into Israel from Shomron.

The border police were conducting a routine foot-patrol of the of the security barrier when they noticed the two suspects. The suspects had succeeded to cross into Israeli territory near the Jewish community of Oranit.

The teenagers tried to run away, but the border police chased them down and caught them. One of them was carrying a colorful children’s backpack. The Border Police officers opened it up and found a pair of home-made machine guns along with bullet magazines.

This follows the recent stabbing attack of another 17-year-old terrorist. He killed one man and injured two more.



    • Not according to the G-dless anti-Torah army and G-dless Supreme Court who’ll have you arrested and jailed for years if you do that.

    • You can’t kill them because the soldier doing that will sit in jail for life. The judenrat secular government is more interested in western secular toeiva values than defending Jews.

    • They already have. Releasing murderers of Jews is ok. Why don’t they release yigal Amir and yishai shlissel and all the other good Jews in prison.


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