IDF Blows Up Al-Aqsa TV Building


The Israel Defense Forces have confirmed Gaza reports of an attack on the building housing Al-Aqsa TV in the heart of Gaza City.

A statement by the IDF Spokesperson’s Office said, “The building is owned by the Hamas terrorist organization and used by the organization for military activity, including sending messages to terrorist operatives in the West Bank, explicit calls for terrorist attacks and training in how to carry them out.”

The statement added, “The station broadcasts harsh incitement against the State of Israel and its citizens, training and methods for carrying out attacks against civilians and soldiers, and obtaining weapons.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. if IDF knew the building was used for military activity and incitement, why didn’t they destroy it as soon as they knew?
    This is discouraging to me; our government is so weak and have their values distorted.

    • Hamas leaders? When one of them gets killed another one pops up automatically. The only solution is to eliminate them all completely as well as the PLO.

  2. Even the local Arabs knew in advance that the dumb stupid Israelis were going to bomb the building. Why do you think the building was empty and some random Palestinian was training his camera on the building anticipating the direct hit? How dumb and stupid can the inept Israeli government be? Yeh, keep bombing empty buildings and fields. That will really put the fear into the terrorists.
    Bibi is still trying to placate the NY Times and the BBC. What an idiot.


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