IDF Begins Operation In Gaza After Rocket Strikes Injure Seven


The Israeli army has deployed a number of units to the Gaza border and called up thousands of reserve soldiers ahead of an imminently expected operation in response to a rocket fired from the Palestinian enclave early Monday morning that hit a house in central Israel, injuring seven people.

Two infantry units and one artillery brigade were sent to reinforce troops deployed near the Gaza Strip, while air defense reserve units were mobilized signalling preparation for the order of a forceful response to the rocket attack.

It has also announced the deployment of additional Iron Dome missile defense batteries throughout the country as a cautionary response to the incident.

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck a house in the village of Mishmeret at 5:18 am on Monday, in the heavily populated suburban area north of the metropolis of Tel Aviv. Seven people were injured, among them two children and a baby, and a total of 30 houses in the area were reported damaged.

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