IDF Arrests Palestinian Girl Who Assaulted Soldiers In Provocation Attempt


The IDF arrested a girl after she assaulted soldiers yesterday in the PA village of Nabi Saleh, in an attempt to provoke a violent reaction for hidden cameras.

The assault, which was caught on video, shows the girl approaching the two soldiers and immediately beginning to strike at them, screaming loudly, and at one point going as far as to slap one of the men across the face.

The soldiers handled the situation calmly, walking away and not allowing the confrontation to escalate. It was later noted that the attack was filmed, leading to the suspicion that the girl’s motive was to capture the soldier hitting back on camera so as to later publicise it as “proof” of the IDF’s violence against Palestinians.

The IDF later arrested the girl. Her mother was detained for questioning as well.


  1. Most likely that girl is called Shirley Temper and she does Pollywood scenes for the PA because she is blonde and it is good propaganda against Israelis. When they need a scene she is hired to do her thing and it is rigged, so everyone is all upset and yet it is staged.

  2. Wow, Israeli soldiers are so ferocious. You can just see the fear that the Palestinians have from those evil soldiers, who are clearly always looking to kill innocent Palestinians.

  3. Nasty little vixens. Let’s see them try this with soldiers of their own religion.

    This clip is so humiliating because there’s nothing a male soldier can do. Real men feel like dirt if they need to get into a confrontation with a female, especially a younger one. So they just need to suffer getting punched in the face while the girl’s camera is right there.

    The impotence of the IDF in situations like this is one of several reasons why my son got disillusioned with his IDF service and got discharged 2 years early. No guy wants to be in a situation in which he gets beat on by teenage girls on camera.

    P.S. Really liked the “Shirley Temper” comment above. Touche.


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