Ice Creamed! Chassidishe Woman Finds Dime in Pint of Häagen-Dazs


isaac-abrahamBy Aaron Short

A Chassidishe woman’s Shabbos was spoiled after she bit into a frozen dime buried inside a container of Häagen-Dazs chocolate at her Williamsburg home last Friday.

Sarah Abraham purchased two containers of the delectable confection from a Kent Avenue Duane Reade store on Nov. 11, as she has done once a week since the pharmacy opened several months ago.

But by the fifth spoonful, she tasted something “metallic” – and the dime was in her mouth.

dime-ice-cream“I had a bad taste and I spat it out,” said Abraham. “I felt something in my mouth and the ice cream didn’t have a good taste from the start. Two hours later, I still felt a metallic taste in my mouth.”

Her husband, frum activist Isaac Abraham, called Häagen-Dazs and the Duane Reade at 4 pm, and complained about finding the frozen coin.

A Duane Reade employee said the store pulled its Häagen-Dazs batch from its shelves in response to Abraham’s complaint and gave its order back to the global dessert company, just to be safe.

A Häagen-Dazs employee told Isaac Abraham on Tuesday to send more information about the incident and ship the icy dime to its California-based quality control center.

But for now, he is keeping the change.

“I’m not an idiot – if I send the dime then my story would melt away with the ice cream,” said Abraham, who is speaking with an attorney. “Luckily, she didn’t break a tooth. Who knows where the dime came from or who touched it before it went into the ice cream?”

abraham-ice-creamA Häagen-Dazs representative said that the company “apologizes for her experience,” adding that finding a foreign object in chocolate ice cream is “highly unusual.”

“It is made in one location, then it is pumped and filled [into cartons] before it passes through a metal detector that shoots them off a carrier belt if metal is detected,” said Häagen-Dazs spokeswoman Diane McIntyre. “It detects dime, but nothing is infallible.”

The company, which was founded in the Bronx and opened its first retail store in Brooklyn in 1976, has found shell casings or pebbles, but never coins, inside nut-flavored ice cream.

That’s cold comfort to Sara Abraham, who said she is giving up ice cream indefinitely.

“I don’t want to eat it anymore,” said Abraham.

{The Brooklyn Paper/ Newscenter}


  1. Since when do Chassidim eat milchigs that aren’t cholov yisroel? I never knew any Chassidim to hold by Reb Moshe’s psak on cholov yisroel.

  2. First, why do people take grievances like this to the press? Is this really all that important?

    Secondly, is there such a thing as cholov yisroel Haagen Dazs? I would assume (maybe incorrectly) that someone who identifies as Chassidish would only eat cholov yisroel?

    And finally, why is he insisting on keeping the dime? The angry look on his face just makes me think that he’s holding out for the possibility of a huge settlement.

  3. L’fee Anitas Daitee’ Chassideshe woman eating Haggen Daz? I didn’t know it was Cholov Yisroel?
    It’s She said He said won’t stand up in court

  4. Cholov Stam?? In Williamsburgh? On Shabbos? When exactly was she milchigs? Early Shabbos morning?? How early did she finish her meal, that she was Milchigs by Shalosh Seudos? I scream, you scream we all scream for… a lawsuit and a payout!!

  5. This story stinks: first of all I thought chassidim are makpid on cholov yisrael. 2 ndly she wasn’t injured it was a mistake, stop tryin to cash in on human error.make a kiddush hshem and move on

  6. i was once eating frozen pizza, one of the frum companies, and when i bit in, something boomeranged back at me! Can you guess what it was? A white plastic glove!!!!!!!!!!!! complete. I didn’t notice it because it was under all that cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a true story. I didn’t sue, don’t know how and it is a jewish company, but I don’t eat that company anymore!

  7. does anybody have an explanation for why a chassidishe lady was eating cholov stam ice cream? or at least cholov stam keilim if it was sorbet. It for sure does not have a chassidishe hashgacha

  8. “A Chassidishe woman’s Shabbos was spoiled after she bit into a frozen dime buried inside a container of Häagen-Dazs chocolate at her Williamsburg home last Friday.”

    Shame on a Chassidishe woman in Willamsburg for eating ice cream with OU D. Someone who’s Rav pakens by R’ Moshe ztz”l has the right to it. But no Chassidishe Rav pakens that Chalav Stam is allowed.
    BTW, even if you pasken by R’ Moshe Ztz”l, todays chuluv stam has the problem of the operated cows which is also a shaa’le of Chuluv Treife, and a Chassidishe woman in Williamsburg has no business eating ice cream with OU-D

  9. Great story and easy way to make a couple of bucks on a lawsuit, but what’s a heimishe Williamsburg lady doing eating haagen dazs ……if anything she should be eating a tuna beigel (wit kleins ice cream).

  10. “two containers of the delectable confection from a Kent Avenue Duane Reade store on Nov. 11, as she has done once a week since the pharmacy opened several months ago.”

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm oNCE A WEEK?

  11. I once had haagen dazc by mnistake because i thought it was really kleins and it was soooooooooooo good but i never had a it again but i wish i wilkl and could

  12. I know them & for sure they probably never knew it was Cholov Stam, Ice cream label must have been misprinted.
    People relax someone must have forced her to eat Haagan Daas.
    Please chill

  13. I just bought Kleins Kosher Cholov Yisrael ice cream and found two hundered dollar bills at the bottom. The moral of the story, it pays to stick to cholov yisrael.

  14. I have a bigger kashe. It says that her husband called Haagen Dasz at 4:00 PM. Shabbos wasn’t over until after 5:00, and even later by Satmar standards. That has got to be a mistake.

  15. BTW even Reb Moshe’s Psak was only in a case where it would be difficult to aquire Chlov Yisroel. It was not a heter for today’s situation when you can get everything you want to eat with a Cholov Yisroel Hechsher, Even Ice Cream!!!!!!!!

  16. Can somebody, anybody, be a Berdichever today and find a nice thing to say about another Yid? It might be a tough one, but we’ve got to try! We are in desperate need of z’chussim these days!
    I’ll try one! (Perhaps not a great one, but it’s a start!)
    Maybe she has an gastrointestinal issue? Let’s try, difficult as it may be, to find limudei z’chus on our fellow Yidden! We don’t have any friends in the velt!

  17. The cholov stam is one thing…but to answer one of the commenters about when she eats the ice cream on shabbos….many people(woman mostly) don’t always eat chulent or make themselves fleishig. I know many that don’t, so in defense of that…it is possible to eat it on a short shabbos if you are not fleishig. The other thing…is up to them…not my business.

  18. The Only Surprise That i really have is why people are making such a big deal over a dime in ‘ICE CREAM’ Just keep the change and switch companies!

  19. The entire story makes no sense. Even assuming that this lady was eating cholov stam, it is not likely that she would go public with this embarrasing fact.

  20. Chalav Yisrael!? Would she be Milchigs by Shelosh Seudos!?

    Boy, you guys are really living in a parallel universe.

    But the best of all is the idea that she would not have found a dime in a bucket of Chalav Yisrael ice-cream – that takes the cake!

    Goot Shabes!!!

  21. i will NOT be the 100000 person to make a comment about a frum women eating chalav stam. but rather, who cares about the whole story- not very interesting

  22. ”That’s cold comfort to Sara Abraham, who said she is giving up ice cream indefinitely.

    “I don’t want to eat it anymore,” said Abraham”

    well they oviously got the message about eating cholov akum… hummmmm

  23. May I suggest that perhaps Häagen-Daz produces a pareve sorbet? I’m not being naive, just wondering why nobody thought of this possibility.

  24. All we can do is judge? Remember Hashem judges us the way we judge others…..not worth it. Comment on the ice cream, not on another jew.

  25. I don’t understand how every one is jumping to conclusions so quickly, cant think of a heter off hand, maybe someone can think of something.

  26. Maybe the people who make chalav Yisroel ice cream are trying to cut out the competition from Haagen-Dasz? I’ve yet to eat chalav Yisroel ice cream that tastes as good as Haagen-Dasz. If they can’t compete on quality, maybe someone is going the scare-tactics route?

  27. If she was buying a container of ice cream once a week, (that would be $36.50 a year) she was probably just saving up for a law suit, but by then the store figured this out. Haggen-dazs is now the most ob
    Ewe store in the u.s.a!!!!!!

  28. If the dime was in her mouth, how did they take this picture with dime in ice cream ? and if you say they put back into container, then the picure is absolutely worthless….only taken to arouse emotion ….. but for what purpose

  29. 1) to clarify apparently: bought ice cream on Friday, ate it bo b’yom, complained that same day before Shabbos. 2 hrs later the taam was still there (it wasn’t 6 hrs yet) and that shterred her Shabbos.
    2) add myself to the list: Chalav stam? Taanugei olam hazeh? Etc. Etc.
    3) I guess this accounts for their price increase.
    4) if she would have found a gem inside (think yosef mokir shabbos), would she have been so appalled?

  30. Dan l’kaf zchus?? Those who are bashing her are all sad, look into your own life before judging so quick, oh you holy Yidden. Hey, MAYBE it wasn’t a mistake – maybe she knew EXACTLY what she was doing and didn’t care (Haagen-Dazs IS the best, after all) leave her alone and concentrate on your OWN faults. This should be the worst aveireh a yid does.

  31. hey all u chalav yisroel people. at most its only a chumra. not caring for another jew. be happy she as a yid is enjoying somehing and feel bad she had that experience. that is no chumra .


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