ICE Arrests 105 People In Massive N.J. Sweep


Immigration officials took 105 immigrants and foreign nationals into custody in a five-day operation that included the arrests of several people wanted by Interpol for alleged crimes in their home countries, federal officials said Friday.

The sweep by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in 16 counties in N.J. also targeted immigrants who illegally re-entered the U.S. after deportation and several members of alleged gangs, including MS-13, officials said.

About 80 percent of those arrested had prior criminal convictions, ICE officials said. Those arrested will appear before an immigration judge for possible deportation.





  1. At a rate of 100 a day, it will take 1000 years to deport 30 million illegals. The government already knows where illegals are, just from public schools and welfare programs records. Only deporting at least 10,000 a day will make a dent. If there is not enough funding for ICE agents, the illegals’ assets can be confiscated – as is done with drug dealers, illegals’ employers and landlords can be heavily fined, even local governments and non-profits who are assisting illegal activities can be fined.

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