Ian David Long, A Former Marine, Identified As California Shooter Who Killed 13


Ian David Long, the man who killed a dozen people inside a California bar packed with college students, was a former Marine who may have been suffering from PTSD, the Ventura County sheriff said.

Long, 28, who lived in nearby Newbury Park and served in the Marine Corps from 2008-2013, tossed smoke bombs and unleashed a hail of bullets from a .45-caliber Glock 21 fitted with an extended magazine at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Sheriff Geoff Dean told reporters.

When authorities entered the bar later, they found Long dead inside an office next to the entrance. Twelve other people were killed, including a police officer who was shot in a shootout with Long.

“We believe he shot himself,” said Dean of Long, adding that the shooter’s motive was unknown.

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  1. Im shocked that having a policeman with a gun at the scene didn’t help ?!?

    People snap, it happens all the time, so stop selling guns so easily !!!

  2. @Forget-NRA one officer with gun is not enough to fight agaisnt a terrorist with a rifle, specially when this guy was an ex marine , a very well trained evil guy

      • Law enforcement WAS aware of the suspects mental problems history. Just like the case in Parkland, FL, police and FBI chose to ignore all the warning signs. They didn’t want to be called racists.

  3. @Anonymous obviously a single security guard is not enough in such situations because of element of surprise.

    It was NRA and our politicians who suggested all that these mass shootings could have been prevented by a guy with a gun. Now they will tell us every citizen should have a gun just in case of such incidents.

  4. @Anonymous
    Crazy people usually don’t have the brains to pull it off. Any normal person can become crazy and that is exactly the danger of allowing simple people have guns.
    Listen to what neighbors say about most killers, ” I never would have thought he was such a nice quiet guy.” It’s almost never “ohh that psycho I knew he was dangerous. “

  5. I cannot tell which posts are sarcastic here. By now it is long known that the shooter had nothing more than a pistol (I have not seen “rifle” in any legitimate report). The picture is obviously a “white” male, so the actual racism here is that the Democrat run California hates White males so much that the atmosphere of hatred pushed this vulnerable PTSD patient over the edge. And regarding the armed police office – he only arrived after most of the shooting took place.


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