‘I Love NY’ Signs Costing State $8.1M Are Illegal, Says Federal Government


The hundreds of “I Love NY” highway signs that cost taxpayers $8.1 million are illegal, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, which claims state officials knew the signage violated federal law prior to its installation.

The Federal Highway Administration told Fox News the 514 bright blue placards, which cost roughly $15,000 each, must be modified because they amount to advertisements — instead of being navigational or safety-related — and are a dangerous distraction to drivers.


The use of signs for advertising purposes has been prohibited since the 1960s. Hecox said the signs in question — which currently dot roadways across New York — specifically fail to comply with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the Highway Beautification Act.

The signs, which started appearing in 2014, are on heavily trafficked highways, like the New York State Thruway, and at major entry and ferry points. Many of them appear in groups of five — sprouting along the road in rapid succession — and all include a mention of ILoveNY.com and the state’s I Love NY mobile app. Read more at Fox News.




  1. Can anybody explain to me the justification for spending so much money on such nonsense can anybody claim that there is a legitimate return on investment and then they complain they don’t have an of money so they have to raise taxes

    • When I drive to the states I pass these signs and honestly I’ve never visited their website or app. I speak for many people.

  2. I never understood why they put, like 5 or 6 of these signs in a row just as your about to leave Staten Island (on the 440) to get on the Outerbridge Crossing??? They put these signs a few feet before LEAVING NY?! They should put them as you ENTER NY! What a bunch of incompetent idiots! Way to go Cuomo! And you want to be President? !

  3. Look at the economic growth first we pay for the signs then we pay to take em down and the lawyers get paid as well what brilliance

  4. I hate New Yawk!

    New Yawkers no no how to drive. No no how to park cars. They duble park and triple park. The closs the street on led light. They nasty people alway screeming and cursing. Telible peoples. They makes fun of erliche Yidden rike me! Thats Clazy.


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