Imagine the pain.

It’s painful.  It’s shameful. It’s lonely.  Lonely to cry at night into a lifeless pillow, lonely for a newborn to wake up and find her mother in another world and lonely to watch a young son wither away until he breathes his last breath.

It’s not one family, not two, not three, not…

Can you imagine something worse?  For us at Beit Avraham it’s much worse. We are on the front lines, we take the calls for help and have to turn people away…

What is it that sets KUPAT CHAZON ISH above and apart from any other tzedakah organization out there?

Is it the compassion to reach out and assist any Jew regardless of their affiliation?

Is it that 100% of your donation goes directly to those in need as all work is done by volunteers?

Is it because the backers of KUPAT CHAZON ISH are honest, unassuming, righteous tzadikim

blessed by the CHAZON ISH himself?

Whatever the reason, KUPAT CHAZON ISH has had the merit to feed, clothe, and pay tuition, rent, and medical bills for thousands of families since its inception over sixty years ago. Unfortunately,
due to the overwhelming struggles that our brothers and sisters are faced with today, we are urging you to become a part of this unique organization.

Your donation will make the difference between a child having a meal to eat or having to go to bed with hunger pangs. Your contribution can keep a child, threatened to be thrown out of school for lack of tuition, in a safe environment. Your help can keep a family with small children who have been faced with eviction off of the streets and in their home.

The list of vital differences that you can make in the lives of these families can go on and on. There are numerous ways that KUPAT CHAZON ISH has and continues to save families from despair.

Please help us continue the tzedakah that the CHAZON ISH himself has personally set up by partnering with the tzadik and gadol Rav Chaim Dovid Stern shlita by sending your generous contribution to Kupat Chazon Ish.

In the merit of your good deed, Harav Chaim Dovid Stern shlita will pray on your behalf, beseeching the almighty to bestow upon you blessings in all of your endeavors.

To be a part of this tremendous mitzvah, or to submit a kvitel, please visit or call 718-338-9606


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