Hundreds Protest Against Netanyahu, Demanding Deportation of Terrorists’ Families


Hundreds of Israelis attended a demonstration organized by the Judea and Samaria (Yesha) Council outside the weekly cabinet meeting this morning.

The demonstrators protested the government’s failure to stop the ongoing wave of terror, whose most recent victim, Tuvia Yanai Weissman, was murdered on Thursday at a supermarket in the Shaar Binyamin Industrial Zone.

At the same time that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was speaking at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, hundreds of protesters called on him to take action against terrorism and Palestinian incitement.

“We call on the government to stop the terror raging throughout Israel,” said Avi Roeh, head of the Yesha Council, at the demonstration. “The situation in which we are murdered inside communities and in shopping centers cannot continue. The moral thing to do is to deport the terrorists’ families, and as long as this is not done, we will come and protest.

“During the investigation into Dafna Meir’s murder, the young terrorist told security forces: ‘I was watching PA television and decided to go out and kill a Jew,’” added Roeh.

Tazpit News Service

{ Israel}


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