Hundreds Pack Khal Bnei Torah For Yarchei Kallah In Flatbush


By  Avraham Shaleim

Several hundred people packed Khal Bnei Torah in Flatbush for two special “Taste of the
Yarchei Kallah” events held recently on December 25th and January 1st.

In conjunction with Agudath Israel of America, the “Taste of the Yarchei Kallah” has become the most popular destination for balabatim Bnei Torah on their “day off” from work.

The brainstorm of the Rav of Khal Bnei Torah, Rav Shlomo Cynamon shlit”a, the local one-day Yarchei Kallah was inaugurated a year ago and has since grown larger with each one. Indeed, people were sitting in the hallways and in the women’s section as the shul was filled to capacity.

The Yarchei Kallah follows a well-liked and comfortable format. After shachris and a gourmet breakfast, Rav Cynamon prepares the attendees with a brief yet comprehensive overview of the sugya being learnt that day. The hachana is then followed by three consecutive shiurim given by Rav Cynamon and Rav Shlomo Gottesman.

The December 25th Yarchei Kallah was graced with a shiur by Rav Binyomin Cohen, Rosh
Kollel Gur Aryeh of Chaim Berlin. Rav Lipa Geldwirth delivered a lomdishe shiur at January 1st Yarchei kallah.

“The goal of our Yarchei Kallah is simple “says Rav Cynamon “ We want to provide an
opportunity to offer Bnei Torah high-level lomdishe shiurim. I think many balabatim enjoy being challenged in hearing an intricate and hard shiur on a very high level. Nothing compares to the geshmak in immersing themselves in Torah learning on-par with the best yeshivas in the world.

Many asked me if we could do this on a monthly basis. So far we will stick to the “off days” and the next one will be Presidents Day iy”h Monday, February 18.

To be informed of upcoming Yarchei Kallahs taking place please email [email protected] with your information.



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