Hundreds Of Bochurim Receive Deferment Without Showing Up To IDF Center, Thanks To Vaad HaYeshivos

idf recruit giyus

In a move was initiated by the Va’ad Hayeshivos, hundreds of Yeshiva bochurim from the communities of Tifrah, Netivot, Ofakim, and surrounding areas, arrived at a central municipal building in Netivot to obtain military deferments instead of traveling to an IDF recruitment office.

The official reason for this move is to make obtaining deferrals easier for bochurim in the south, who in the past have been forced to travel long distances to the recruitment office in Be’er Sheva.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Maybe the “next” complaint will be nothing new – the quotas for bochurim who must enlist, that vaad hayeshivos has a huge hand in enforcing.
    This year it stands at around 3600 bochurim who must join the army.
    So Mr Cohen, if it was your son and he wanted to stay in yeshivah, what would you do? Do you really think that there are 3600 bochurim who want to enlist in any case? Chas v’chalilah!


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