Hundreds of Arabs Celebrate Atop the Har Habayis After Rocket Attacks on Yerushalayim


har-habayis[Video below.] A video showing hundreds of Arabs jeering and celebrating atop the Har Habayis after air raid sirens were heard in Yerushalayim last night has surfaced online.

The Quds News Network website posted the video, captioning it: “celebrations at the Holy Al-Aqsa mosque after hearing the sounds of rockets explode in occupied Jerusalem.”

Palestinian and Israeli Arabs often celebrate the death of Israelis from terror attacks.

Over 30 percent of Yerushalayim’s 750,000 residents are Arabs.

Watch a video of the celebrations HERE.

The Algemeiner Journal

{ Newscenter}


  1. …Al Har Tzion Sheshamem Shualim Hilchu Vo… R’Akiva lauged when he saw foxes on Har Habayis because he said just as this nevuah came true, so too will the nevuos of the Geula come true. Bimhaira Beyameinu…

  2. Not realizing that these same rockets are headed in their direction too.
    Just last week, terrorists from suris killed an Israeli by shooting across the border. Not knowing that it was a muslim/israeli arab.
    As natanyahu said, “their bombs don’t discriminate.

  3. What are they so happy about? Scores of them have been killed and B”H not one rocket fell on Yerusholaim. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

  4. Har Habais must become a Moslem free zone.The “world” will not mind a religion free zone.After that we will leave it to Hashem

  5. 1) Make it a misdemeanor.
    2) For second offense, misdemeanor 2 and block for Har Ha-Bayis.
    3) For third offense, serious jail time. And exclude family from residence within city boundaries.]

    I don’t think (hope) khilony hero Mosheh Dayan meant to convey this privilege, also. These delinquents don’t have an ounce of any kind of religiosity. They are brainwashed lemmings.


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