Hundreds Gather At Tel Aviv Mall Expecting Cash To Fall From The Sky


money1Hundreds of Israelis who arrived at the Azrieli towers shopping center in Tel Aviv today really believed for a brief moment that money could potentially fall from the sky. At around 4 P.M., hundreds began gathering outside the shopping center while a representative of a private company threw pieces of paper that looked like currency from the roof of one of the three Azrieli towers. The crowd, thinking the pieces of paper may be actual bills, began collecting them. “Dozens of people were there, maybe hundreds,” said Gidi who was among the crowd. “Some guys were standing on the roof of the mall and threw down teasing pieces of paper, I’m not sure what it really was.”

“There were many young people there waiting with baskets and motorcycle helmets to catch as much money as possible,” Gidi added.Several ambulances rushed to the scene after initial concern the man on the roof might try to end his life, but it quickly became clear that the event was part of a marketing ploy.

The man on the roof was detained by police on charges of disturbing the peace. The police discovered that the crowd had arrived at the shopping center following an advertisement, probably posted online, announcing that a man was about to throw money off the roof of the Azrieli tower.

The police dispersed the crowd, who went home empty handed.

{Yair Israel/Haaretz}


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