Humor Amidst the Hurricane


hurricane-sandy14“They should have called it Hurricane A-rod. It wouldn’t have hit anything.”

“Some residents in the tri-state mistakenly evacuated but were then told to return home. The were told that it was Section A that must evacuate. Not Section-8.”

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  1. israeli, the joke was:
    there are signs posted respectfully requesting that sandy remain on the women’s side of the street.
    this is the version that i heard.

  2. to isreali time – boys who are in the freezer means that for the first term in the yeshiva they can’t go on dates for the purpose of finding their bashert, in order that they put all their concentration on learning and not thinking about marriage.

  3. everyone should take a deep breath and see the Tad hashem here. the ribono shel plan sent the hurricane to defrost the freezer and that solves the shidduch crises

  4. By donating $36 to Kupat Ha’ir they will have 40 Talmidei Chachomim call ConEd for you for 40 days straight…

  5. #10 is probably right. This week’s Parasha describes what happens when people try to legislate abominations. Obama, Bloomberg, Cuomo and their ilk have brought destruction on us all.


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