Human Rights Watch: Punitive Israeli House Demolitions A ‘War Crime’


human-rights-watchThe biased Human Rights Watch had the nerve on Shabbos to call on Israel to stop razing the homes of animalistic Palestinians accused of attacking Israelis, saying the practice can constitute a war crime.

“Israel should impose an immediate moratorium on its policy of demolishing the family homes of Palestinians suspected of carrying out attacks on Israelis,” the New York-based group said, as the fate of three houses slated for demolition awaits a court ruling.

“The policy, which Israeli officials claim is a deterrent, deliberately and unlawfully punishes people not accused of any wrongdoing. When carried out in occupied territory, including East Jerusalem, it amounts to collective punishment, a war crime.”

The East Jerusalem families of Mutaz Hijazi, and of terror cousins Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal, killed by police after two separate attacks, have been served demolition orders on their homes but have appealed.

Hijazi was accused of shooting and critically wounding a Jewish activist on October 29. Police shot him dead during a raid on his home in Abu Tur the following morning.

The Abu Jamals, from Jabal al-Mukabbir, were shot dead Tuesday after these two animals attacked a shul with meat cleavers, knives and a gun, killing four Yidden and a policeman who responded.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces razed the East Jerusalem home of a Palestinian who killed two Israelis after running them over with his car last month.

That was the first punitive demolition in Jerusalem since 2009. It came after Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu vowed a harsh response to the synagogue attack, Jerusalem’s bloodiest in years.

Home demolitions have long been used as a deterrent punishment in the occupied West Bank, but this is the first time they have been adopted as a matter of policy in occupied East Jerusalem.


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  1. The new definition of War Crimes:

    Anything Israel does to fight back against terrorists that want to wipe it off the map and kill all Jews.

  2. HUMAN RIGHTS?????? Change it to Animal Rights, which by the way is an insult to the animal kingdom they are better then these “sheidem”

  3. It’s a Nazi organization with a clean name! Shame on them!
    these animals haven’t even condemned the crime perpetrated nor have they even referred to them as perpetrators – rather they wash them clean of their crime and call them ‘suspects’ Yimach Sh’mum!

  4. what is killing people while they pray?
    teenagers going home?
    a 3 month old in a carriage by a train stop?
    shalhevet pass?

    no they are not freedom fighters. they are barbarian terrorist evil

  5. Western values do not apply to Arab populations. Terrorists recruit by promising the family will be elevated in status and receive material compensation. Israel’s response to demolish the homes is a direct response to this terrorist strategy, to diminish family interest in having a family member commit murder so they can benefit.

  6. Perhaps someone can publish the names of these watchdogs along with their personal addresses and their extended family members for added good luck and let’s see how much they’ll continue their anti-humane treatment of Israel. Ibet they’re all moose-lims.
    They’re not humans PERIOD.


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