Trump: ‘I Moved The Embassy – And I’m Anti-Semitic?’


President Trump rejected charges that he had any responsibility for the murderous anti-Semitic attack in Pittsburgh and noted that he had just received a plaque from the prime minister of Israel thanking him for moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Trump added that, along with the fact that his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka are Jews, “I just a received an award from the state of Israel from Bibi Netanyahu, thanking me because I moved the embassy to Jerusalem, making Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and I just did that – now, how many presidents said they were going to do it and never did it?”

Ingraham asked Trump how he responds to the journalist who said on CNN that he has “radicalized more people than ISIS.”

“That must be some kind of a sick woman,” he responded.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Y don’t we harass Obama who spat in Israel’s face and ask him about being anti semitic or Hillary who kissed arafats wife let them squirm a little



      Yes, during the Obama administration, Israeli officials exclaimed that they had never had an American Presidential administration that had been so hostile to them!! Evidently though, that does not matter to our wicked super “liberal” Jewish brethren; since Obama & Hillary are leaders of the holy, holy, holy super-left, their Anti-Jewishness is all OK!!

  2. The president thought that all American Jews are pro-Israel. Moving the embassy is a pro-Israel move so that will gain him support. He doesn’t realize that most liberal Jews might have feelings for Israel but not Netanyahu . When he sees a majority of the Jewish vote going democrat, he is going to take it as a lack of gratitude. If he wants the liberal Jewish vote , he has to turn over the presidency to Hillary and get Bibi out of office. And then, maybe.

  3. Severely tragically, our wicked super “liberal” Jewish brethren — with their total NON-appreciation of President Trump’s strong support of Am Yisroel (his daughter and son-in-law and his recognition of Yerushalaiyim and his moving the US Embassy there and his other strong support of Israel and his strong condemnation of the Pittsburgh Massacre with calling for the death penalty) and with their literally insane audacity to blame him for the Pittsburgh Massacre — are creating a horrendous of a horrendous of a horrendous Chillul Hashem!!

  4. NY Senator Kristen Gillibrand was the first to criticize President Trump upon the legal move of the US Embassy to Israel’s Capital, Jerusalem. They were still in middle of the ceremony when this BDS supporter was ranting with her Anti Semitism on CNN.


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