Kentucky Teacher Fired After Video Shows Her Dragging Boy With Autism


A Kentucky school district fired a teacher after a video showed her dragging a 9-year-old boy with autism through the halls of a school.

Angel Nelson told CNN Monday that her son was removed from a classroom after he had an outburst. Video from the school’s cameras, which Nelson shared on Facebook, appears to show a woman dragging a young boy by the wrists through the school’s hallways. At different points in the video, the boy is either lying on his back or sliding on his knees.

The Greenup County School District announced the teacher’s termination Monday, more than two months after the October incident took place, CNN affiliate WSAZ-TV reported.

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  1. dont judge , there is nothing wrong with shlepping a kid that doesnt have the faculties to do what he needs to do , he wasnt hit he was not injured
    try watching one of these kids for a few hours its a neshomoh trapped in a guf breathing in a world that it doesnt relate too.
    when they are smaller you can lift them when they get big & stubborn you need to shlep them
    the person doing the firing is behind a desk not wiping …


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