How to Start a Business


By Devorah Wahl

How many businesses never start because people don’t know where to start?

Parnassah Network Seminars will once again be running a full-day seminar, “Launch Your Business,” on November 29th at the Clarion Hotel & Conference center in Toms River, NJ. Now is your chance to take your dream and turn it into a real business.

The full-day, intensive seminar is geared specifically for people in the beginning stages of launching their own businesses. The seminar will cover a range of topics related to starting up and maintaining your business. The seminar will be limited to a select group of serious entrepreneur-minded people and give them the necessary tools to overcome the challenges, ultimately become their own boss.

The presenters at this seminar include successful businessmen who keenly understand the risks and challenges of business ownership and would like to prepare entrepreneurs like yourself for success. They will be available to answer questions beyond the day of the actual seminar.

The presenters include Attorney Noah Burton, Partner, Schwartz Burton LLP; Mr. David Rosen, General Manager of 4 Corners Bagel and formerly multi-unit licensee and Director of Operations at Starbucks coffee; and Mr. Seth Farbman, Chairman of Vcorp Services and co-founder of Vintage Filings, Vstock transfer and Vcheck Global.

Some of the topics that will be covered throughout the day are:

  • Legal aspects and employment laws
  • Planning a business for profit and growth
  • Choosing the right business and business name and venue of service
  • Market analysis and strategy
  • Getting off to the right start and basic management

Whether you simply have a business idea or have recently launched your own business and are trying to figure it all out, this seminar is for you.

The full-day seminar will run from 9:45 a.m. to 5 p.m., and has an option for live-streaming to out-of-towners.

Join this seminar at

Pre-registration is required. Cost for the day includes a delicious breakfast and lunch buffet. The seminar is open to men and women, with separate seating. For more information and registration, go to

Live out of town? You can join Parnassah Network seminars via webinar if you live outside of New York of New Jersey. There are limited slots. Email to join via webinar.



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