How The PA Reported The Murder Of Ari Fuld HY”D


Official PA news agency says Israeli forces shot Arab youth, in response to ‘alleged stabbing,’ fail to mention terrorist killed an Israeli.


Wafa ran the story on the terror attack with the headline: ‘Israeli forces injure Palestinian near Bethlehem.’

The body of the article read: “A Palestinian young man was injured by gunfire on Sunday when he was shot by Israeli forces, after he allegedly carried out a stabbing attack targeting an Israeli settler in Gush Etzion settlement complex, near Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.”

The article continued: “The Palestinian Military Liaison said the young man, who comes from the Makhamreh family from Yatta town in the southern West Bank, was lightly injured after being shot by the forces.”

No mention was made of the fact that an Israeli man was murdered.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. Are you surprised?
    Are you astonished?
    Why do you care ?

    Let’s be honest they intrinsically despice us.
    They want us all dead.
    Not an iota of truth comes from them
    This is a 3000 year old fact.

    Do you expect better.
    Zol zei zein a kapara oif ale yidden.

    A gmar Tov


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