How Much Would You Pay For Bibi’s Cast?


netanyahuWe’ve seen some unusual items for sale on eBay and elsewhere on the internet in the past. Now, Israeli Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu’s cast is up for sale on an the Webidz auction site. See the post here.

No, it is not the State of Israel selling the pieces of the cast as memorabilia, perhaps with the emblem of the State of Israel embedded somewhere on the cast. It is just some person who claims that his mother works as a nurse in the hospital.

The seller says he asked his mother to save the pieces of the cast after they were removed, and his mother did. No word on whether Netanyahu gave his consent.

The seller calls it a “poetic justice auction,” because Netanyahu has taken so much money from him and from people like him and his mother these past years and this is a way of “taking some of it back.”

The seller promises that this is the actual cast – with the smell too? – but it is not clear if there is a way to verify that.

So far, at this time, not one bid has been submitted. Either no one  is interested in bidding on pieces of a cast that have no way to be verified that they were removed form the leg of Bibi Netanyahu or perhaps the starting bid of $100,000 is simply too steep. Who knows.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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