How It Happened – The Breakthrough That Led To The Shalit Deal


netanyahu-barakThe dramatic cabinet meeting planned to discuss the details of a deal to release abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was convened this evening after a breakthrough in talks geared at Gilad Shalit’s release over the past few days, in negotiations held in Cairo and mediated by Egyptian and German officials.

Netanyahu and his top ministers, known as the Forum of Eight, help two secret, lengthy meetings in the last two days in which ministers were updated of the deal’s details.

David Meidan, the top Israeli official in charge of Shalit talks, has been spending the last few days in Cairo, contemporaneously with senior officials in Hamas’ military wing. Both sides agreed to show flexibility one last time in order to seal the deal.

On Sunday, Netanyahu convened an eight-hour Forum of Eight meeting which lasted until 4 A.M., a meeting the very existence of which was placed under gag order. Ministers who attended the meeting refused to reveal any of the issues discussed.

On Monday, the diplomatic-security cabinet was assembled to discuss the details of a possible Shalit prisoner exchange deal.

Despite all of those meetings, Netanyahu insisted on the deal being approved in the widest cabinet forum possible. At 6 P.M. Tuesday, ministers received a message informing them of an emergency meeting.

Some of the ministers were not even informed as to the subject of the meeting, with Netanyahu personally calling others to update them and ask for their support as the deal comes to be approved by the government.

The PM told those ministers that if the deal would fail to pass in the cabinet now, the whole move to release Shalit could go down the drain, conceivably postponing his release by many years.

{Haaretz/ Newscenter}


  1. This Shalit deal is a disaster and a disgrace and a violation of Chazal Hakodosh’s warning against freeing a captive for more than he is worth.

    May Hashem protect us but releasing 1,000+ hardened terrorists increases the danger tremendously.

    Netanyahu talks a lot but does very little. He is a typical weak Left following Israeli and is leading Israel into disaster.

  2. tzoorba, how about you volunteer to take Shalit’s place so that he can go home but hamas would still have a prisoner. No? Not willing to? Then keep your hateful comments to yourself and let the rest of us rejoice with this family who have suffered horribly. This is an incredible moment for k’lal yisroel and Netanyahu deserves a big yashar koach. The danger is always tremendous — If Hashem wants us to live safely, it will be. Let’s hope that that’s his will.

  3. Plum- What about all the Yidden though that will be killed now because of these prisoners that were freed? Its not just one Jewish life.

  4. poshiter yiddeneh,

    Take an example from the Maharam Merottenberg who was one of the greatest sages of his time and did exactly what you suggest to prevent future kidnappings.

    Your excessive emotional reaction sounds good but is deadly for the majority of Israelis.

    This is a terrible moment for Klal Yisroel and a fearsome triumph for the terrorist loving Shalits.

    May Hashem have mercy on his people.

  5. Doofus and Tzoorba ,

    The Maharam MeRotenburg paskened that you are not allowed to pay more than the actual value as a ransom. The value of a Yid is worth more than those 1000 terrorists. Let us not fool ourselves, if not for this type of deal and we do as you suggest to swap one for one, we could chas vesholom have one kidnapping for each terrorist.

  6. your all idiots, the answer for this question is not one we should take upon ourselves to come up with, it is a question for the greatest torah can have your ideas, but to argue with each other as if your right and their wrong is misguided.

  7. that’s dumb. can you explain to me why worrying about new bloodshed is hateful? does it also mean that if someones not willing to give his life for someone else he hates them? looks like your the hateful one here. and explain this, so since he’s hateful, now there is no concern of these terrorists murdering anybody, cause after all, this guys hateful. why dont you think before you write

  8. Plum, so you’re trying to say that while $1,000,000 is more than the value of a Yid, 1000 people aren’t!!? We aren’t evaluating Neshamos or the value of life. There is no price for that. The Halacha exists, regardless. There is a certain amount that a prisoner is worth. If you pay more, they’ll like it and kidnap more Yidden and charge even more.

    That is exactly what happened here. They got what they wanted and they saw how much we would pay for just Yid. Now they want even more and continue to try their hardest to kidnap soldiers. It is dangerous in the big scheme of things.

    Nevertheless, I as all others, am very happy excited that he is coming home. I will definitely rejoice when he comes home, if he does so alive and healthy.


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