How Do We Protect Our Children?


kidsYoni Ploni the Little Yeshiva Boy, Never Talks to Strangers is a 32 page illustrated children’s book geared for Frum children, researched, written and published by Rabbi Yehoshua Danese, illustrated by Yaakov Gerber, two father’s of growing families living in the Midwood section of Brooklyn.

After researching the subject extensively, reading the works of experts from across the country, it is known that Strangers, Stalkers, Molesters or worse use certain tricks and ploys to woo defenseless innocent unsuspecting children into their clutches. This book deals which each of their strategies individually and gives children the information they need to evade and avoid such inhuman people.

This book was endorsed by the Torah Safety Commission and distributed by Feldheim when it was first published. “At first I printed 5,000 copies,” relates Rabbi Danese, “most of which are all sold. However I am planning to print 100,000 copies so that every single Jewish child should have this information. It is a book that is meant for parents to read to their child and to explain to the child and answer their questions and that they should be able to be safe.”

What to do if the Stranger is following me? What if the Stranger grabs hold of me? What if he offers me a ride in his car? What if he offers me candy? What if he says to me, “your mother’s sick she said I should take you home”? These questions and more are dealt with in this book and the children are given straightforward instructions on what they should do to stay safe.

“Believe it or not,” say Rabbi Danese, “it is not a frightening book, it is a happy book, the characters in the book are confident, as it empowers children to be aware and know how to react and act if something like this should happen. Every year I give a copy of this book to one of my daughters to take to her morah to read to their class. No teacher has ever refused. They see that this book is extremely important.”

This book is a must for every Frum child. “I am convinced that every Jewish child should have this book read to them, they should read it themselves, it should be explained to them. And with this information your child will have a far greater chance of never falling prey, to fall victim to such an unspeakable horror.

Rabbi Yehoshua Danese has been a Rebbie for over a decade with several kiruv schools most notably the Torah Academy of Brooklyn. He wrote other children safety books dealing staying safe from fire. He has ghost written on scores of other authors Torah publications. Copies of Yoni Ploni… Never Talks to Strangers can be acquired directly from the author by dialing 347 393 3670. “Please call me now,” urges Rabbi Danese, “before you forget and never get around to it.”

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  1. Most of the times, molesters are not strangers. How do you explain to a child to be wary of someone he knows and trusts?

  2. This is the author of the book. Just responding to post #1. You’re right there are people called “groomers” who will work a long time to get the trust of children (and teenagers) prepping them for their eventual abuse. This book is not dealing with that topic. This book is dealing with children who are walking down the street and are being followed, who are being offered a car ride, who are being deceived to accompany people who pretend to want to help. If I can stress with all my might this book is the only of its kind for Frum families it is written without scaring children. It was written after a lot research. It is written to empower them to know what to do to stay safe. Please spread the word. Yasher Ko’ach.

  3. I would also ask what a child should do if he is lost and there are ONLY strangers around…without practical guidance for the most common situation “dont’ talk to strangers” does not “empower” the child to be safe. At most it makes the parents feel better. (Other options that should be discussed: talk to a police officer, a store owner in a busy store, a token booth clerk/bus driver.)
    And, although it is apikorsus, if this poor child had had a CELL PHONE he could have called his mother.!

  4. Never talk to strangers?

    Is that why I sometimes see little kids standing on street corners and when I ask them if they need to cross the street, they nod yes? Were they told they can’t cross the street themselves AND that they can’t talk to strangers and is that why they don’t ask me to help cross them?

    Is this not ridiculous?

  5. Stanger Danger is a very small part of the problem, but a problem nonetheless.

    Perhaps the mechaber of the sefer, who has done a tremendous service to klal Yisroel, can work on a much more serious issue as his next choshuv project — predators who are KNOWN to the victim. See the above website for statitics from the FBI that more than half of child abduction, etc. is done by those who are KNOWn to the victim(child).

  6. Referring to post #5, the book does not deal with a child who is lost it deals with a child who is being followed, who is being spoken to, who is being offered something. However, I am glad you answered your own question with a few very good wise suggestions.

    Referring to post #7 yes there will be a massive reprint of this book, im irtza Hashem, so that everyone should have one. And in it the issue of “groomers” will be addressed.

    Referring to post #6 about children standing on street corners waiting to be crossed. I would suggest that this practice stop. I am a father of 10 blie ayin hora, and I have never had to resort to my children having to wait for others to cross them. Parents can not have bitachon when it comes to their own child’s safety. Parents, grandparents or older siblings should be with these children crossing them. Don’t let you children have to ask others to cross them. It’s wonderful that we live in a frum world that allows us so much trust of each other, but that is what makes it exactly so easy for the murderer to do what he did.


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