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xmas-purim-costumes-smallDear Editor,

I have a big problem. Actually, I am really jealous. Every year, on Purim night, I meet chevra who are already so into the Purim spirit like an hour after the fast of Taanis Esther is over (or this year an hour after the laining of the megillah). We are barely into the chag and they are already acting mishigeh at like 10 o’clock at night! For me, I can’t even get my Purim motor going till like midday the next day, the day of Purim, or even later.

I am mamish mekaneh the guys who can get right into it without a long wait. If anyone knows how I can be zoche to this, please let me know here. I want to have a really geshmake Purim, but at night I always seem so inhibited and so nebbed out and I just can’t dance right into the Purim spirit.

Yeyasher koachachem for your help.

Looking to Be Geshmak

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  1. Hi first of all who says its the right thing to be running around like crazy people on purim, purim is the holiest day of the year as brought down in seforim that yom kipuurim is a day like purim. We arebt supposed to act on purim like yom kippur though purim is a day we serve god thruogh are body. Im not saying that its the wrong thing to run around a whole purim like crazy people but everything you do should be leshaim shomayim. If you believe that everything your doing is lishaim shomayim then youll be very happy and geshmak. What I suggest is that you learn alittle bit about the meaning of purim and the halachos of purim. And also by day by your seuda drink enough that will make you geshmak. If you wana talk more you can email me at

  2. My advise would be; use tomorrow properly for one – its a Yom Teshuva and so, learn some mussar and say some Tehillim. Then Shabbos make it a special one with learning a good few hours. Then Motzei Shabbos go to a matzav – instead of running around rather go to one place – if u live in Lakewood, BMG is the place to be Purim night, it has become the place to be. But really anywhere that is has a gathering of bnei Torah – you’ll be better off then going to some ‘hangout’. Next morning get up early go daven and learn and I promise you that you will be on a ‘high’ the rest of the day, and possibly the next day too, and the next….. Hatzlocho!!

  3. whatever you do “Looking to Be Geshmak”

  4. This letter seems not to be serious.

    At night the guy should sit down and learn, ????? ???? ???? ????. If he wants more of a Purim flavor, he can learn inyana deyoma, such as ????? ???? and ???? ?????

    The time for ???? is during the daytime.

    There is no mitzvoh to be ????? on Purim. It is true that the Torah says ????? ?????, but that is the tochachah, a ????, not part of Purim.

    He should strive to follow the gedoilim, not some vilde bochurim. Did Rav Moshe get meshuga on Purim? Rav Yankev? Rav Shlomo Zalman? Rav Elyashiv? Follow the gedoilei Yisroel!

  5. my advice is read a lot of matzav and especially the Yated’s letters to the editor and a dose of the hashkafa articles.
    If that doesn’t get you into good spirits, try drugs.

  6. Nothing comes without preperation. Same is for the true spirit of Shabbos, or just anything.

    From Rosh Chodesh Adar start listening to Rav Brevda z”l on the megilah – that should do it!

  7. Nothing comes without preperation. Same is true for the true spirit of Shabbos, and just about anything.

    From Rosh Chodesh Adar start listening to Ran Brevda on the Megilah – that should do it…

  8. This is great satire, implying that the guys who are so “into it” are that way because they are already drunk. Please have a geshmak Purim BUT keep the alcohol to the minimum required by ad lo yada and DON’T DRIVE AFTER DRINKING. We need your precious neshama the rest of the year too!

    Note that some people are mekayem ad lo yada by having a samll glass of wine and then taking a nap. You certainly can’t tell the difference between Mordechai and Haman when you’re asleep!

  9. This letter seems like it was writing by a 9th grader! But whatever the story is just party! It’s no big deal start drinking and start dancing and singing and you’ll soon forget all about your worries. Drink smart!

  10. besides all the problems that could make someone is insensitive to kedusha… there are 2 types of people emotionally based people who can get very excited but usually have fake feelings and intellectually based people who have feelings only if something is real to them. to truly serve Hasheem with simcha is a long avoda. Chassidus elaborates on all of the above.

  11. Can’t believe 15 commentators fell for this being an authentic letter. It’s clearly fabricated and begging for sharp retorts against common Purim behavior.

  12. #20
    i can’t believe you spent time counting all the comments to make your pointless comment
    eveven if it is to start conversation then it got it’s job done

  13. Takka, in E”Y they don’t know all the shtusim and
    bizyonos that we know here in chutz la’aretz. they mistama thought that it was cute and matching, not that it would be some goyishe x-mas


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