How $1 Billion in Natural Gas Vanishes Into Thin Air


gas-fieldProducers in the Bakken: You have a problem.

Despite the huge gains in oil production that have come from the Bakken formation in North Dakota, producers in the region haven’t found a way to market the natural gas from these wells, which has led to flaring it off. Aside from the environmental concerns of this technique, non-profit group Ceres estimates that flaring off gas is akin to throwing away about $1 billion in a year in potential revenue.

So why are all these producers tossing out that much potential? Because they simply haven’t found a way to get it to market economically. To find out why fixing this issue is extremely difficult, tune in to the following video, where contributor Tyler Crowe takes a look at some of the major factors that keep this problem from getting resolved. Click here to  watch.

Source: Motley Fool

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