Watch: House Democrats Reportedly Planning 85 Trump Probes


Potential targets including everything from President Trump’s tax returns to Russia to the Trump family business; reaction from Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.




  1. Let this big mouth take the money from her salary and all the “free” money they give away in order to pay for this scam and the country truly deserve what they get for voting for these scoundrels

  2. That’s just terrific. All the investigations will definitely help me put bread and milk on my kitchen table. Thank you members of Congress for taking my hard-earned salary and stealing it from me.

  3. When normal people in America see what buffoons and obstructionists these DemocRATs are, they will think twice about voting for them again. The Left wing loonies and the socialists will still vote for them just like they voted for that idiot menival obama. There will always be stupid people around.

  4. It’s all because the many RINOs in the Republican party who are in cahoots with the Democrats and supporting the voting frauds and rigged machines. There’s no way in the world the Democrats won the House legally otherwise.

  5. In broad terms, this means that the House decided to be busy with undermining the President, for the next two years, instead of focusing on doing something for the people that elected these clowns.


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