House Approves Budget Deal


capitol-washington-congressThe House overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan budget deal that brings a more harmonious end to John Boehner’s reign as Speaker of the House.

The measure, approved 266 to 167, helps avoid an imminent default on on the federal borrowing limit. This was a big goal of Boehner’s as he departs the House and inevitably hands the reins over to Rep. Paul Ryan. Read more at The New York Times.



  1. Speaking on behalf of 850 Orthodox Rabbis, members of the Rabbinical Alliance of America founded in 1942, spokesman Rabbi Y. Levin stated:

    “Our country cannot recover economically nor can it regain its reputation internationally until it returns to its moral underpinnings, i.e. a respect for life at all stages and a return to decency and moral values.

    “Those supporting Congressman Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House constantly tout his credentials as being the ultimate “dedicated family man”. He may very well be dedicated to his own family as he has stated, but unfortunately he remains impervious to the needs of tens of millions of religious American families…

    “We urge the conservatives in Congress, the Tea Party, and the Freedom Caucus to acknowledge Mr. Ryan’s political orientation and reject him as well as any other candidate who is not an uncompromising and vocal supporter of family values. This is America’s final chance to return to greatness.

    “The silence of the religio/conservative congressmen regarding Mr. Ryan & traditional family values is deafening. The silent conservatives and Mr. Ryan, not the liberals, share the ultimate responsibility for the ongoing tragedy of our descent into Gomorrah.


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