Hostile Shouts of ‘Zionists!’ Shut Down CNN Ferguson Broadcast


pro-palestinian-activist-bassem-masri-harassed-a-cnn-reporter-in-ferguson-missouri-with-shouts-of-zionistsBy Ben Cohen

CNN reporter Sarah Sidner was prevented from broadcasting a live report on Monday night from Ferguson, Missouri by protesters who yelled that the network is controlled by “Zionists.”

Ferguson has been the site of angry, racially-charged protests over the last two months following the fatal shooting by local police of a young black man, Michael Brown.

Media website Mediaite ran the following account of Sidner’s experience with the demonstrators:

On-the-ground video from Bassem Masri shows the aftermath, in which several protesters continue berating Sidner, telling her they are “holding [her] accountable” for CNN being among a crop of outlets “lying to us since day one.”

“If we don’t get it! Shut it down!” the crowd began to chant, as Masri declares that CNN is run by “Zionists.” The cable network’s cameraman began dismantling his equipment as Sidner and staff exited the scene to a chorus of goodbyes and shouts. Several protestors threatened: “If you continue lying, we’ll come shut you down in Atlanta.”

Missouri resident Masri is a known left-wing, anti-Israel activist whose Twitter profile reads “f*** all haters, Long Live Palestine.” The banner on his Twitter page is dominated by the hashtag #JSIL – a pejorative term for Israel conjured up by anti-Zionists in order to draw a parallel with the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria and Iraq. As Masri interprets it, JSIL stands for “The Jewish State of Israel Lies.”

Masri has also retweeted exhortations to violently confront police officers in Ferguson. One such tweet reads, “if they gonna be violent, u be violent.”

A video posted on YouTube shows the confrontation with Sidner from a different angle. At around 2’00,” Masri can be heard yelling about “Zionists” and claiming that CNN is run by the pro-Israel advocacy group AIPAC. “They’re all run by Israel, so they gotta go!” Masri shouts.


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  1. This is really ironic. CNN is probably the most anti_Israel network. This poor innocent police officer is not going to be indicted and the natives will go primitive. Be careful if you are among the natives (i.e. on the subway,etc.) when the news breaks!

  2. It seems to be just a few loudmouth beheimas – mostly just one – who did it.

    Masri is obviously a beheima from the Middle East. Ferguson is not a place for Yidden.

  3. ” CNN is probably the most anti_Israel network.”

    Its parent company has been the target of anti-Israel Arab boycotts in the past.

    “This poor innocent police officer”

    Why don’t you let the grand jury (and possibly the trial jury) decide this rather than pre-judging?

  4. Those shouters are from the extremist black left-wingers who are in cahoots with pro-Islamist, anti-Jewish elements.

    These so-and-sos are more commonly known as core supporters of Barack Obama.

  5. Well, if CNN is pro-Israel, then what about the New York Times, or for that matter Al-Jazeera networks? shouldn’t they get the same treatment?

  6. Chuck: Stop trying to stymie #1’s free speech. We’re allowed to have opinions based on the what’s been presented. We don’t have to wait for a grand jury to tell us what to believe. Surely, even you don’t believe that we aren’t entitled to an opinion until the government allows it? Or are you that pro-totalitarian?

  7. Yes RebYid we are allowed to have opinions. Michael Brown was a criminal. At 18 he had a 28 page Rap sheet. He was no innocent. There are 3 people to blame for his death. Him and his parents. He was not raised right and his parents can blame themselves. His mother has shown her love of violence many times in all of this. He lived what he learned and it cost him his life. His mother needs to look in the mirror to see who to blame.


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