Hospital Lost 4,000 Eggs and Embryos After Tank Failure  

About 4,000 frozen eggs and embryos were lost when a tank failed at the University Hospital Fertility Center in Cleveland, the clinic said more than three weeks after the initial incident. That number is more than double what was previously estimated by the facility. In letters sent out to affected patients, the hospital said it was unlikely that any of the eggs and embryos are viable and blamed the loss on human error.
The hospital explained that an alarm system that alerts staffers to temperature swings had been shut off, but they don’t know who turned it off. Meanwhile, NBC News found that the maker of the tanks used in the hospital has a “a history of previous malfunctions dating back almost 15 years.” Regulators in the U.K. observed 21 incidents of Custom Biogenic Systems equipment failing in 2003, noting that the manufacturer was aware of the incidents, as well. Read more at NBC NEWS.


  1. To those commentators who think this is a joke, think about all those people who spent thousands of dollars, hours of time, etc. to get those eggs and embryos. They placed their hope in having children on the contents of that tank and now what? Some of them may be cancer survivors with no other chance at having a family, and it can likely be that there are frum patients who were affected. As someone who has frozen embryos in a different facility, my heart goes out to every person who is affected by this loss!!!


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