Hoshana Rabba: How Much Banging of The Hoshanos Should You Do?


aravosThe Mishna Brura (664:19) brings from the Arizal that you should “Klop” the aravos on the floor five times. After the initial banging which is not likely to make leaves fall of says the Mishna Brura you should bang it on something that will make leaves fall off in accordance with the Maharit that says that the whole idea is for leaves to fall off as a siman that the din is over.The Chayei Adam (153:3) says that only foolish people bang until all the leaves fall off and laments the fact that they are more interested in “klopping” the aravos than shaking the Lulav the proper way.

Others including the Pri Migadim and the Kaf HaChaim disagree and say that one should not bang on legs of tables or chairs since there is no point to remove leaves and it is better to leave the aravos intact like the minhag of the Arizal. (Piskei Teshuva 664:5)

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