Honorable Pence Says He Won’t Accept Scheduled Pay Raise During Shutdown

Vice President Mike Pence at the Pentagon on Aug. 9, 2018. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Andrew Harrer.

Vice President Pence said Friday he will not accept a scheduled pay raise during the partial government shutdown.

The comments come after The Washington Post reported on Friday that senior White House officials, including Cabinet officials, top administrators and the vice president, would see their pay raise by around $10,000 per year starting on Saturday.

But Pence, while leaving a press conference led by President Trump, told reporters he would turn down the raise.


The partial government shutdown is in its 14th day as the White House and Democrats have yet to come to an agreement on a spending bill because of differences over funding for a border wall in the country’s southern border.

Read more at The Hill.



    • He’s no way as G-d fearing, moral and honest as President Trump. Check out what a tzaddik he was when he was Governor of Indiana.

  1. Pence still gets a lot more then hundreds of thousands of federal workers that get nothing and still work. Lets see if he will do that.

  2. These ingrate do-nothing federal employee’s are basically getting a paid vacation so what are they qvetching about? They will get every penny of our tax dollars when this so-called shut down ends. The Country is running just fine without them messing things up for us. Those that suddenly called in “sick” should be fired immediately and have their pension yanked away from them, just like President Reagan did.


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