Homeland Security Chief: Terror Threat as High as 9/11


Homeland Security Sec. John Kelly on Tuesday said the risk of a terror attack against the U.S. is “as threatening today” as it was on September 11, 2001. “The threat to our nation and our American way of life has not diminished,” the Trump cabinet member said during a NatSec event speech at George Washington University. “In fact, the threat has metastasized and decentralized, and the risk is as threatening today as it was that September morning almost 16 years ago.”

Kelly also scorned critics of his agency’s immigration enforcement policies, saying, “If lawmakers do not like the laws that we enforce, that we are charged to enforce, that we are sworn to enforce, then they should have the courage and the skill to change those laws. Otherwise, they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines.” Read more at CNN.



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