Holocaust Survivor Discovers 500 Relatives


For sixty years, Holocaust survivor Alex Kafri (formerly Kukla) of Haifa believed that his parents and sister were his only surviving relatives. In April this year, his daughter told him of a Facebook post discussing the slaughter of the Kukla family during World War II.

Kafri responded to the post. Within three hours, he was directed to a gigantic family tree on a genealogy site going back to his great-great-grandfather.

Kafri’s research culminated with a family convention in London, where he met five hundred family members from fifteen countries and was shown a family tree scroll a hundred feet long.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Many more relatives might have been connected if Israelis hadn’t changed their last names to Hebrew, especially after the war when families and friends were looking for each other.

  2. My Parents O”H went to their home towns in Slovakia, Michalovce and Humene about 30 years ago to see if their homes and any family still existed there after the war. When my Father O”H went to the property office and filled out an information form the female clerk at the counter read it and said “You are my cousin”. My Father met some cousins who went back home to Humene after the war. When he went to visit the house he grew up in the current resident barred the doors and wouldn’t allow inside even to take a short look.

    Nearly 40 years ago I had a retail store. One day a woman around my age (we were in our mid 20’s) walked in and suddenly stopped in front of me. We both stared at each other because it was like looking into a mirror. We looked liked twins. She turned out to be a cousin. These types of things happened many times over the years but they’re becoming less and less frequent as the years pass.


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